Discover the positive benefits that massage can have on your physical, psychological and emotional well-being. I offer a range of treatments which can help with back and neck tension, stress and anxiety, muscle pain and sleep disorders. All treatments are tailored to perfectly suit each individual. Book now on: 07962 403 855 or
Discover the positive benefits that massage can have on your physical, psychological and emotional well-being. I offer a range of treatments which can help with back and neck tension, stress and anxiety, muscle pain and sleep disorders. All treatments are tailored to perfectly suit each individual. Book now on: 07962 403 855 or

Talk Touch Heal Deep Healing Treatment

Deep Healing Treatment


This treatment will help with any of the following:


Anxiety, stress, anger, fear, grief, muscular aches and pains, tiredness, overwhelm, burn out, insomnia, low mood, irritability, digestive problems, headaches and much more.


Talk: An in-depth consultation will precede the treatment, to discuss any physical or emotional concerns and formulate an individual treatment plan.


Touch: Deep and firm massage techniques will be applied to the muscles to release areas of tension, increase circulation and speed up the elimination of toxins.


Gentle restorative massage techniques will be used to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system. This takes the client out of their flight and flight stress response, usually overloaded due to our modern lifestyles, and into rest and repair mode, allowing deep healing to take place, physically and emotionally. Furthermore, happy feel-good hormones are released which replace the stress hormones and induce calm and relaxation.


The combination and pressure of these techniques will be chosen to suit the individual needs of the client.


Heal: Reiki energy healing is incorporated throughout the treatment. Reiki is a gentle treatment which balances and unblocks the chakras of the body, to restore and recharge physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Laura channels the energy and transfers it to her client through her hands.


The Talk Touch Heal Deep Healing Treatment is a revolutionary new treatment which, as well as compressing the muscle tension from the outside in, also works by deeply healing from the inside out.


After having this treatment clients have reported having more resilience in coping with life, they feel lighter, stronger, happier, healthier, more energised, invigorated, joyful, peaceful, refreshed, calm, grounded, relaxed, less stressed and anxious, all supporting a healthy mind and body.


The length of consultation, along with the various techniques used, will be decided on to perfectly suit the individual needs and preferences of each client. No two treatments are exactly the same.


A course of treatments (discounted) is recommended in order to receive the most benefit. The more often you receive this treatment the longer lasting the effects (a bit like going to the gym!)

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