Discover the positive benefits that massage can have on your physical, psychological and emotional well-being. I offer a range of treatments which can help with back and neck tension, stress and anxiety, muscle pain and sleep disorders. All treatments are tailored to perfectly suit each individual. Book now on: 07962 403 855 or
Discover the positive benefits that massage can have on your physical, psychological and emotional well-being. I offer a range of treatments which can help with back and neck tension, stress and anxiety, muscle pain and sleep disorders. All treatments are tailored to perfectly suit each individual. Book now on: 07962 403 855 or

Restorative Massage

Restorative Massage is a revolutionary new massage which, rather than working on compressing muscle tension from the outside, works from the inside out. Gentle calming techniques work in stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. This takes the client out of the sympathetic nervous system, their flight and flight stress response, usually overloaded due to our modern lifestyles, and into rest and repair mode, allowing deep healing to take place.


The gentle touch tells the nervous system it's safe, and in turn this allows old traumas to be released from the Amygdala, the trauma centre of the brain. A trauma can be as simple as a client falling over as a young child and not being soothed. It's any sense of loss, however small or large, that hasn't been expressed, and instead has been stored in the nervous system. A build up of trauma can, over time, manifest as physical or mental ailments.


The safe gentle techniques of Restorative Massage allow traumas to be naturally released. This will result in the client having more resilience in coping with life, and will help to make them feel stronger, happier, healthier and less stressed and anxious. The touch itself will stimulate happy feel-good hormones to replace the stress hormones, supporting a healthy mind.


Clients have reported feeling lighter, more energised, invigorated, joyful, peaceful, refreshed, calm, grounded, relaxed and strong.


A course of treatments is recommended In order to receive the most benefit. Please contact Laura directly to discuss further.


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